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FRITZ!Box: Not working LAN-LAN-connection (Routing) due to faulty VPN configuration

Written on 03. Jan 2021, 18:15

For several years now, the widely used AVM FRITZ!Boxes have the possibility of establshing VPN tunnels between several FRITZ!Boxes. I had planned to pair my own home network with my parents' to make regular backups from my parents' computers. Thanks to VPN coupling, also called LAN-LAN-connection, data transmission would have been secure and encrypted. However, I encountered an error in setting up the configuration, which made it possible to establish a connection, but did not allow data transfer between the networks. How I solved the problem, I would like to describe here.

The setup

My setup looked like this in a nutshell:

  • Network 1 (My Home):
    • FRITZ!Box 1 (private address: FRITZ!Box 7490 with OS version 07.21 (current version to date)
    • Network configuration:
    • Has public IPv4 address and DNS name from service Myfritz.net
  • Network 2 (home network of a parent):
    • FRITZ!Box 2 (private address: FRITZ!Box 7390 with OS version 06.86 (current version to date)
    • Network configuration:
    • Has public IPv4 address and DNS name from service Myfritz.net

There are a variety of devices in each network (network 1 & 2). The goal was to periodically back up a computer on Network 2 to another computer on Network 1.

The problem

The setup of the VPN tunnel (LAN-LAN-connection) between the two FRITZ!Boxes was successful and a connection could be established. Despite the successful connection establishment, however, no data transfer could take place. The symptom was a routing that seemed faulty, which did not work when connecting from network 1 to network 2.

So I went on a troubleshooting.

The solution

When diagnosing the configuration and the so-called event logs on the FRITZ! Boxing caught my mind about a recurring error on the far box:

03.01.21 10:36:49 VPN error:, IKE error 0x2027 [4 messages since 01/03/21 10:35:11]

The above highlighted IKE-Error 0x2027 basically means nothing else than the timeout during the construction of a tunnel (Source: https://service.avm.de/help/de/FRITZ-Box-Fon-WLAN-7390/016/hilfe_syslog_122). However, I noticed that the IP address mentioned here ( did not go to the public IPv4 address of the two FRITZ!Boxes.

It turns out that this was a relic from an earlier attempt to set up a VPN tunnel. After deleting the configuration, which regularly generated the timeout, the data transfer of the just-set LAN-LAN pairing worked.

The conclusion

It seems as if the VPN component of FRITZ!OS interferes with any other VPN configuration set up in the event of a faulty configuration that results in a timeout when attempting to establish a connection.

My recommendation is therefore to double-check the configuration of the other VPN tunnels, if any, in the case of VPN tunnels that do not function properly.


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