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CakePHP 4.1 upgrade using upgrade tool

Written on 06. Sep 2020, 15:45

I recently updated the CakePHP framework to released version 4.1. Thanks to an upgrade tool provided by CakePHP for some time, the upgrade process was quite hassle-free.

My findings

Using the upgrade tool it is quite easy to update my existing CakePHP installation. Unfortunately, the documentation was not as clear as one might have guessed. My core findings are therefore summarized as follows:

  • The upgrade tool is standalone: a new directory should be used when checking out the upgrade tool from the GitHub repository. The upgrade tool is self-contained and runs by specifying the path of the existing installation. Therefore, you should not perform the clone operation with Git in the workdir of the CakePHP installation.
  • The upgrade tool only works reliably with PHP 7.2 (or higher): the documentation already gives the important hint that the tool only works cleanly with PHP 7.2. I have only half-heartedly followed this advice and have run into a number of problems. Upgrading the PHP version fixed the issues.
  • The upgrade tool is a big step forward: while a CakePHP upgrade has often had to be done manually in the past, the upgrade tool is taking over a lot of work. This is a very positive step, although there are still some improvements in compatibility as well as the user friendliness.


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