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Written on 03. Jan 2021, 18:15

For several years now, the widely used AVM FRITZ!Boxes have the possibility of establshing VPN tunnels between several FRITZ!Boxes. I had planned to pair my own home network with my parents' to make regular backups from my parents' computers. Thanks to VPN coupling, also called LAN-LAN-connection, data transmission would have been secure and encrypted. However, I encountered an error in setting up the configuration, which made it possible to establish a connection, but did not allow data transfer between the networks. How I solved the problem, I would like to describe here.

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Written on 06. Sep 2020, 15:45

I recently updated the CakePHP framework to released version 4.1. Thanks to an upgrade tool provided by CakePHP for some time, the upgrade process was quite hassle-free.

My findings

Using the upgrade tool it is quite easy to update my existing CakePHP installation. Unfortunately, the documentation was not as clear as one might have guessed. My core findings are therefore summarized as follows:

  • The upgrade tool is standalone: a new directory should be used when checking out the upgrade tool from the GitHub repository. The upgrade tool is self-contained and runs by specifying the path of the existing installation. Therefore, you should not perform the clone operation with Git in the workdir of the CakePHP installation.
  • The upgrade tool only works reliably with PHP 7.2 (or higher): the documentation already gives the important hint that the tool only works cleanly with PHP 7.2. I have only half-heartedly followed this advice and have run into a number of problems. Upgrading the PHP version fixed the issues.
  • The upgrade tool is a big step forward: while a CakePHP upgrade has often had to be done manually in the past, the upgrade tool is taking over a lot of work. This is a very positive step, although there are still some improvements in compatibility as well as the user friendliness.

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Written on 02. May 2020, 22:48

Microsoft provides a translator service in its in-house Azure Cloud, which is free for low to moderate usage. REST interfaces provided there can be used to deliver content in any language and to obtain translate a custom text into a selected target language. This service can be particularly useful when multilingually providing content, for example on a blog-like website.

In order to be able to use the Translator Service, some programming work is required. I have developed a plugin for the popular framework CakePHP 4, which is freely accessible to everyone.

I published my developed plugin as a source code on my GitHub page https://github.com/jjoswig/cakephp-azuretranslator. It is also available as a ready-made package on Packagist under https://packagist.org/packages/jjoswig/azure-translator.

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Written on 02. May 2020, 10:36

Since the release of Fritz!OS version 7 by the manufacturer AVM and the associated introduction of mesh, there were problems with the integration of the Homekit-compatible camera D-Link Omna 180 CAM HD. The cause was the instability of the WPA2/WPA handshake between the camera and the Fritz!Box since AVM introduced Mesh. Various media reported on the incompatibility (see, among others, https://www.golem.de/news/wlan-d-link-kameras-haben-probleme-mit-fritzbox-mesh-1901-138610.html).

AVM Fritz!Box 7490D-Link Omna 180 CAM HD

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Written on 09. Mar 2018, 14:06

The award winning widget "GAget" provides instant access to Google Analytics statistics without being logged in to GA in your webbrowser. Once added to your Mac OS X dashboard (also multiple-times usable) it fetches the data in realtime (even from the current day) and visualizes them. For more information visit the author's website.» Read more

Written on 03. Feb 2018, 08:56

As with all iOS x.3 (i. e. 9.3, 10.3) updates, Apple addresses mainly enterprise users. This time, Apple integrated a new useful functionality that will make IT departments feel relieved: on devices with iOS 11.3 there is a possibility to delay system updates for up to 90 days. The release of iOS 11.3 is expected for Spring 2018. » Read more

Written on 19. Dec 2017, 19:40

The use of third-party keyboards is widespread, especially in the private sector. The spread is explained by the advantages of such extensions, as they facilitate the creation of longer texts on touchscreens of modern smartphones considerably, for example, by the following functions:

  • Swiping gestures allows messages to be typed much faster
  • Through powerful analysis algorithms, words can be proposed and easily adopted through autocompletion
  • By providing speech recognition, texts are now recognized quite reliably
At first glance, these features may be helpful to increase productivity significantly. However, the risks involved in using the functions must not be disregarded.

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Written on 27. Oct 2017, 11:47

With the introduction of iPhone X and the new biometrical security feature Face ID in September 2017, new security concerns of users arise. In the center of all discussions are concerns regarding data privacy, since the iOS devices are now storing finger prints (Touch ID) or the users' face (Face ID). The following article focuses on diminishing with (negative) rumors and gives an overview about the topic. » Read more

Written on 26. Sep 2017, 20:09

Since the release of iOS 11 and Apple Configurator 2 (version 2.5) on September 19, 2017, it is now possible to add iOS devices provisionally to the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP). This possibility now offers new opportunities for companies. » Read more

Written on 20. Aug 2016, 11:54

I have been using SSL certificates that were issued and signed by Let's Encrypt for a few months now. Besides the fact, that those SSL certificates are signed for free and accepted and known by most of modern internet browsers and other applications (even OwnCloud recognizes them), there is one smaller impediment: the certificates are issued for three (3!) months and have to be renewed manually. I will describe in this article, how to perform automatic renewals by using Cron and only a few gimmicks. » Read more

Written on 24. Jul 2016, 10:03

It is a bit complicated running Ruby, Rails and Redmine in conjunction with Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) on Windows. Luckily, Rails ships a build-in webserver called WEBRick that can be used to run Redmine on a Windows system, so you don't need Windows IIS then. » Read more

Written on 04. Jun 2016, 19:14

Written on 08. Jan 2012, 13:55

The load time of a webpage is a crucial factor for keeping the visitor on a webpage. Too long load times cause the visitor to quit the webpage because he expects a fast and responsive webpage. Yahoo published a comprehensive guide of webdevelopment best practices that, if applied, reduce load times of webpages enhancing your user's experience. » Read more

Written on 01. Jan 2012, 18:09

ssh-copy-id is a dedicated tool to set up public key authentication via ssh between two linux machines. You will get a problem, if the ssh daemon is listening on a different port (for example: 2222). The standard ssh-copy-id command in Ubuntu Linux doesn't support a custom SSH port. According to the man page there are only a few parameters available: » Read more

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